About Us

Pet Advice Hub is a website whose main mission is to answer your questions about pets.

It was established in 2021 by us – Alex and James, two friends passionate about animals. We have been around animals all our lives, so creating this website was an obvious choice for us.

On our site, you can find everything from articles about fish to articles about birds.

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Management Team

Alex Wolf

Alex Wolf

Founder, Author and Webmaster

Alex has been an animal and nature enthusiast since he was a little boy. He has a small farm in the countryside where he raises cows, chickens, and rabbits.

Email: alex@petadvicehub.com

James Collins

Founder and Editor in Chief

James is an avid lover of animals of all kinds. When he’s not petting his cat or dog, he’s either reading, hiking, or writing articles for Pet Advice Hub.

Email: james@petadvicehub.com

James Collins