Can Male Betta Fish Lay Eggs? (Explained!)

Do you have male betta fish (for our Europe pals, Siamese fighting fish) in your aquarium and wondering if he can lay eggs? There are no surprises:

Can male bettas lay eggs? No, male betta fish can’t lay eggs. However, they do produce sperm which can fertilize the eggs. But, they don’t produce eggs as the female betta does. Therefore, females need to be kept with males to ensure fertilization. This is the only way male betta fish can reproduce.

On the other hand, female betta fish produce up to a hundred thousand eggs at a time during the breeding season. Thus, to reproduce with another female betta fish, males have to find those fertilized eggs in their territory and mate with them before they dissolve into nothingness.

Can Male Betta Fish Lay Eggs

Can Male Betta Fish Lay Eggs Without a Female?

Males don’t lay eggs. Instead, the female betta fish lays eggs. However, it’s not a big deal to keep the male betta with the female betta fish in an aquarium. He will fertilize all of her eggs and help raise their fry too.

Male Bettas can’t lay eggs because they do not have ovaries or other parts to produce eggs as females do. However, they still take part in the breeding process. They help fertilize the eggs and protect them from being eaten by fish that are larger than them.

Can a Male Betta Have an Egg Spot?

Yes, male bettas can have a white spot at the base of their fins. This is called egg spot. It’s caused when a male betta releases his sperm on the female betta fish; as a result, the sperm clings to his fins. With time, it will become scales that will serve as camouflage to protect him from predators.

You will realize that the egg spot on your male betta fish indicates fertilization when he has grown an egg spot. So don’t be surprised if you see a white patch on his body when he spawns. This is a sign that it’s time for him to breed again.

Betta Egg Spot

How Do Male Betta Fish Fertilize the Eggs?

Male betta fish help fertilize the eggs by releasing their sperm on them. It is then taken by the female betta to her brood pouch, where she will incubate the eggs until they are ready to hatch. If you have noticed a white patch on your male betta fish, he fertilizes the eggs.

Then, in about two weeks, yolk sacs will start to grow to provide food for the fry.

Males also help to protect the eggs from others. They will do so with the help of a bubble nest built on top of the spawning site. The bubble nest will trap the eggs inside and prevent other fish from eating them.

When it’s time for the fry to hatch, they will choose their destiny based on whether or not they can reach their yolk sacs.

Summary: Can Male Betta Fish Lay Eggs?

Male betta fish can’t lay eggs. The reason is simple; they don’t have any ovaries or other organs that would allow them to lay eggs.

Only female betta fish can lay eggs, and male betta fish fertilize them. That’s the purpose of male betta fish in the betta’s reproduction.


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